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Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia in Nevşehir Turkey

Place where nature shapes

Famous tourist place of Nevsehir Cappadocia is worth seeing here is a natural formation, fairy chimneys. Cappadocia is a day-to-day region with erosion of rain and wind after the eruptions of Erciyes, Hasandağı and Güllüdağı, which are located around millions of years ago, and the ashes.

Cappadocia means “Beautiful Horses” in the Persian language. The reason for this is that the Persians brought nice and healthy horses to this area. The name of KatpaTuka in Persian language came as Cappadocia.

Fairy chimneys are one of the most beautiful residential areas in the world. Thousands of people come to Cappadocia every year to see this natural formation. There are many people from various parts of the world who are studying about fairy chimneys.


Kapadokya in Turkey Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey

Where is Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys?

Well, if you ask where these wonderful natural formations are, Nevşehir is 7 kilometers away from the center. Fairy Chimneys are located in the middle of Avanos – Ürgüp – Uchisar. Especially in Şahinefendi village of Ürgüp there are three important valleys. There are many Fairy Chimneys in Soganli Valley which is one of them. In the same way, these natural formations exist in Pasabag Valley on the road between Avanos and Goreme.

The story of Fairy Chimneys

According to legend, the giants have already been here before. These giants always treat people badly when they get angry. Fire has been sent from the top of the mountains to where people live. Afterwards the Periler Sultans become aware of this situation and all the perils come to this area. The periles extinguish the giants’ fires and slip them underground. People and peas have begun to live friendly lives for many years because they have kidnapped the giants. The people began to live in rocky houses and the perils in the small rooms on the hill.

If you think the legend ends here, you are wrong. In the future, the fairy sultan’s daughter Gulperi and the son of the sultan of the people become fallen into each other. However, people did not find this marriage appropriate and decided to fight the peril. Then the fairy sultan decided to leave because he did not want to fight people. But if the giants hear you leave, they think you’ll bother people again. And then there was an idea. He wants all the fairies to keep pigeons and protect people. In Gulperi he was a beautiful white pigeon and always followed to Revan’s window.


Peri Bacaları in turkey Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey

How did the Fairy Chimneys come about?

Fairy hacks have been through millions of years of wind and rain erosion. To be more specific, Mount Erciyes, Güllüdağ and Hasandağı were active volcanoes. In addition, the Cappadocia region was also inhabited during these times. Lava and ashes erupted by the volcanoes dried up this inner sea and formed a tuff layer over time. Inside this layer, there are clay, sandstone and ash that can be easily worn out in places where hard lava fragments are scattered. Over time, rain and heavy winds blew up here. Thus, the lava fragments, which are stiff, have remained in the hill and prevented the erosion of the clay, sandstone, and crust underneath. Now that the Fairy Chimneys have formed


Peri bacaları in turkey Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey

Places to visit in Cappadocia

There is a great news for those of you who plan to do a tour of Cappadocia. You will admire this city. Because they have beautiful places to visit and to see. Let’s take a closer look at these places. Here are places to visit in Cappadocia:

 Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey   Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey

Goreme Open Air Museum, also known as Göreme Ruins, is a wonderful place where you can see the settlements built into the rocks. There are a lot of religious buildings here. Within the museum you can visit the Yilanli Church, Elmalı Church, the Dark Church, the St. Basileus Church, the St. Barbara Church, the Çarıklı Church, the Tokalı Church, the Boys and Girls Monastery. You can also see the dining rooms inside. You can understand these food shops from long stone tall tables without needing to tell you.

The times when the Goreme Open Air Museum is open vary between summer and winter. Summer months between April 15 – October 2 between 08.00-19.00 hours service. The winter months are between October 3 and April 14, between 08:00 and 17:00 for early weather. Entrance fee to the museum is 30 Turkish Liras.

The Zelve Open Air Museum (Zelve Ruins), where you can see the fairy chimneys most intensively, is one of the places where tourists go the most. You can see many churches in this open-air museum, which consists of three floors. The most famous of these churches are Balıklı Church, Üzümlü Church and Geyikli Church. It is said that the 728th year, which is called the iconoclastic period, has come up to the day before. There is also a chapel built for Saint Simeon in the museum. Zelve Open Air Museum visit times are same with Göreme Open Air Museum. The entrance fee is 10 Turkish liras.

Kaymaklı Underground City

Places to visit in Cappadocia are not just on the ground. There is also a city underground. Kaymaklı Underground City is one of them. It was built during the Hittite Period, but it was further expanded in the Roman and Byzantine times and turned into a big city. They made their first float in the Hittites period. The other floors were built later. The rooms are connected by narrow corridors. We hope you will experience a very different experience in your journey.

Entrance fee to Kaymaklı Underground City is 25 Turkish Liras.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Derinkuyu Underground City is located 30 kilometers from Nevsehir. This is an 8-storey construction site underneath. The greatest feature of underground cities in Cappadocia is that it is housed in a large community and can meet every need. In the Kaymaklı Underground City, there is a missionary school and a very interesting deep well in it.

Christians were the first to establish cities under the region. They tried to escape from the oppression of the Romans with the intention that the entrance of these cities would not be visible from the outside. You can also see sliding round stone gates across the walls as you walk through the underground city. They did it in order to prevent the enemy’s room from getting into a possible attack. You have to lean in some rooms with narrow chambers. Admission fee to Derinkuyu Underground City is 25 Turkish Liras. Service hours are the same as those in the ruins.

Ihlara Valley

Most people do not know, but the world’s second largest canyon is located in Cappadocia. The Ihlara valley comes at the top of the nature and historical sites and places most visited by tourists. Let’s say you already have a lot of stairs to reach down. The Melendiz Stream passes through the middle of the valley. On both sides of the stream there are historical structures carved inside the very old rocks. We recommend that you start by walking on one side first. At the end of the flood, there is a stopover point when you travel. They made floor tables for the platforms built in the tea. Here you can eat delicious observations.

Ihlara valley in turkey Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia  in Nevşehir Turkey

Uçhisar Castle

To see Cappadocia under your feet, you can not just do a balloon tour. You also have to get out of Uchisar Castle. In the center of the city is a castle built into the room, carved into the place rising. It has an important place in history, on the King’s Road and the Silk Road. When you reach the top of the Turkish flag, there is a magnificent view welcoming you.

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