Ayder Plateau in Rize Turkey

Ayder Plateau, which is one of the most popular places of both health and nature tourism in Turkey

ayder plateau Ayder Plateau in Rize Turkey

Ayder Plateau, 13 km above sea level, 19 km south of Çamlıhemşin district of Rize province, is covered with spruce and beech forests. It is a spring bearing a wide variety of flowers. It is a view of a paradise covered with medicinal plants, a source of beautiful natural beauty.

The history of the spring settlement dates back to the 13th century. From the 19th century onwards, several families started to become permanent settlements. The history of the cappuccino dates back to the 1700s. Halalılar, singing folk songs all together, having fun gathered meadows. This time of fun was called “Hodoc” time.
Ayder Yaylası was declared as a tourism region in 1987; In 1944 he received the National Park title. Thus, Ayder Plateau has become a tourism and entertainment center.
Ayder Plateau is one of the most popular places for both health and nature tourism. It is the first stop of mountaineers coming from Kaçkar Mountain. Plateau; the road between the high mountains, the wooden houses nestled in the hills, the green trees at every end, and the stream that flows continuously from the mountains offer an impossible natural beauty. At Ayder Plateau, the water at the summit of the mountain turns into a small waterfall in the foothills of the mountain. The bride is known as Tülü Waterfall because it resembles the bride’s tülünün. Another name goes down as the Ambarlık Waterfall.
Ayder Plateau attracts tourists from abroad with its unique beauty and hot springs. Ayder, which has been a center of interest with medicinal water since Ottoman times, has spas at a temperature of 55 degrees, 260 meters deep, which is claimed to heal rheumatic diseases, internal diseases, gynecological diseases and skin diseases. Modern tourist facilities have been built so that visitors can benefit from these facilities.ayder plateau Ayder Plateau in Rize Turkey
Due to the presence of the springs and the spa, Ayder Springs can be visited every year of the year easily. If you want a holiday away from overcrowding, noise and city life, Ayder Plateau will give you this. In the whole of the plateau there are separate houses, hotels and pensions. Separately designed and modern facilities with pools, resting rooms, private cabins with sleeper, shower cubicles, pressurized water department and doctor are available for people in the service of 50 people.
In summer the green nature and bull festival; you should visit this place of nature wonders where you will live with the festivities of snowmen every other season with another joy and spend the most beautiful days of your life in winter months. The snow festival, especially made during the winter months, is a feast that should not be missed. Although the region is more active in the summer months, skiing can also be preferred in the winter months.
Tracking and rafting, this locality can be very enjoyable at the beginning of the fire, especially during festivals. Ayder Yayla festival is the biggest festival held in June.
The tent camping area towards the end of the plateau is an opportunity for those who want to be completely inland with nature. Here you will witness the storm cave which gives life to the plateau almost screaming. The beginning of the building extends to the Kaçkar Mountains.
The “Caucasian Rose”, which grows in the forests that surround Ayder Plateau and known as Honey Forests all over the world, is famous for its taste as well as its beauty. The bees circling the roses in the forest, then the locals come to the hills of the high pines and come to the wooden hives and bring the Ayder honey to the field.
Famous mıhlaması of the Black Sea, corn meal bread, Laz böreği, cabbage wrap, delicious meat dishes, anchovy varieties are absolutely must taste. Do not miss the local breakfast, which is a must for butter, honey, cream, mountain jelly jam.


ayder plateau Ayder Plateau in Rize Turkey

How to get to Ayder Plateau?

If you go with your private car, follow the Black Sea coast road. Go to the side of Çamlıhemşin Ayder Hot Springs from Ardeşen Storm Bridge. Go to the center of Çamlıhemşin district 19 kilometers away from Ayder Plateau. Then you can go to Ayder Plateau by following natural beauties that are unparalleled along the Fırtına Valley.
If you are traveling by plane, go to Trabzon Airport by Havaş or other services to Rize-Pazar district center. From there you can go to Çamlıhemşin-Ayder minibuses.

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