Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital and largest city, Vienna, is also known as the center of culture and arts

visit vienna Vienna, AustriaAustria’s capital and largest city, Vienna, is also known as the center of culture and arts. Vienna, which has hosted significant diplomatic and cultural events throughout Europe throughout history, is a green city at the same time as a forest with an approximate 30% presence. It has always been on the list of the world’s most livable cities for several years. Vienna is home to one of Europe’s most important art collections, as well as Hofsburg Palace, Opera House, Town Hall, Art History Museum, Butterfly House and Belvedere Palace. Baroque and Art Nouveau are the symbols of the city, considered the capital city. Stephan’s Cathedral is another place to be seen. In Vienna, where different music festivals are organized throughout the year, there are amazing options for art lovers. Try the schnitzel which is an Austrian flavor.

visit vienna Vienna, Austria

In addition to this, St. Stephen’s Cathedral has been the most important Gothic building and archbishop of Vienna since 1722. Originally built as a Romanesque church in the 12th century, it was changed in the 13th century. The Vienna State Opera House is one of the world’s greatest and most extraordinary theaters. Today’s huge Opera Hall was built in 1869 and has all the features of French Renaissance architecture. It has a beauty that most prominent composers, dancers and singers bow in that place.

visit vienna Vienna, Austria

What is the student atmosphere like in Vienna?

Very good.

What is he cost of living like in Vienna?

A little cheaper than France; especially for rent.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Vienna? Have you got any advice to give?

Thanks to the internet, it’s quite easy.

What is the food like in the city? What are your favourite dishes?

Good, but quiet rich, schnitzel, potatoes and sauces are found everywhere.

Which places would you recommend to see in Vienna?

The Hofburg, Shonbrunn, the Rathaus, lots of museums, the Naschmarkt and the Staatsoper.

And to go out to eat in Vienna? Can you tell us your favourite places?

The Japanese restaurants are often half price. Very good brunch pretty much everywhere.

What places do you recommend to go out in Vienna?

The balls.

What advice do you want to give to future Erasmus students in Vienna?

Come here, it’s great!

visit vienna Vienna, Austria

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