Temple of Parthenon

The Parthenon Temple is located on the plateau of Mount Acropolis in Athens in Greece, and is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, where it was a symbol of the ancient Greek civilization and the seat of the ancient Greek gods. Several stages passed through time and history but remained witnessed all these changes that it passed.

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The Parthenon was called by that name because when the room reserved for unmarried women, which he called the Parthenon.

The temple was built between 447 and 432 b.c, the glorification of the goddess Athena, Goddess of wisdom and beauty in ancient Greek times, then turned the temple into a church in 500 a.d., During the Turkish occupation of Greece the temple was converted into a mosque in which worship, at the beginning of the war was used as a store for ammunition and missile blew up part of the temple, leading to the collapse of the middle part , but he stood up to this day he was transferred to the Museum of Antiquities The Acropolis, then after the end of the Turkish occupation was the return of the temple as it was at the beginning of his reign, and was calculated from global effects site and a restoration of the Temple in full aperture to visit as a tourist place.

Temple length 228 feet and height of 65 meters, the length of columns up to 10 meters, the temple contains eight columns in the front and one in back of the temple and the sides consists of 17 columns, and the columns of the periodic kind known in Greek architecture.

And the temple was built of the distinctive white marble extracted from the bentliks plateau in Athens, was an old temple contains two rooms, one containing a statue of Athena made of ivory and gold, as depicted on the walls of the famous battle between Athena and Poseidon, God of the sea, and also filmed scenes from the Trojan war. Famous.

The temple consists of four sections, contrary to all Greek temples which were only consists of three sections. And there is the Parthenon Temple statues and rare relics of the famous Acropolis Temple in Greece, as the Museum also contains a number of antiques that originated to the seventh century BC, and a museum has been built to withstand professional engineering earthquake 10. 6.



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