Swarovski Fountain

It is located in the town of Wattens near Austria.
Çeşme’s eyes; Made of shiny stone. Head; covered with moss and grass.
He receives much praise as an environmentalist.

 Swarovski Fountain  Swarovski Fountain  Swarovski Fountain
The town of Wattens, near the city of Innsbruck in Austria, has a very interesting theme park. This theme park, Crystal World, is run by Swarovski, the jewelery brand.
There are interesting fountains in this park. The company built this fountain in the theme park for the 100th anniversary of the Swarovski crystal.
Swarovski Fountain, designed in the form of human head. Two brightly colored turquoise stones were used. His head is covered with moss and grass. This is why it is known as the green fountain.
When you first see the fountain, you can compare the sculptures of Moai in the Easter Island of Chile.

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