Roman Amphitheater


At the foot of the mountain, one of the seven hills of Oman, Al joafah, off the mountain Castle in the heart of the Jordanian capital, antique Roman structures as months of historical monuments, tourist infested her Kingdom.

This is a historical edifice is one of the largest remaining Roman ruins and located right in the city, as the scenery and beauty of its architecture and its design make the visitor travels to other civilizations, specifically Greek-era in Jordan, which looked forward to heritage and offer Roman in nature Jordan.

 Roman Amphitheater  Roman Amphitheater  Roman Amphitheater  Roman Amphitheater

And returns the creation date of this architectural masterpiece, which are more timeless Oman exciting landmarks days Philadelphia (city of love), the name she was carrying an old Oman, to the second century AD, specifically between 138 and 161 a.d., during the reign of Caesar, Antonius Pius, chronicling Greek literature Engraved on one of the columns on the site that the runway was built to commemorate the visit of the Roman Emperor madrianos of Oman Philadelphia in the second century AD (130 a.d.).

Roman Amphitheatre, built in the shape of a huge stone semicircular, where theatre and drama, singing and musical concerts, plus numerous festivals and cultural events, entertainment and amusement of citizens and create ambiance watching, along with awareness Culture.

Which looks at the Roman Theatre auditoriums found divided into forty-four classrooms in three main groups; accounts indicate that the first rowset was using for dignitaries and VIPs (nobility and supervision), while the second and third row groups designated respectively For the middle class of the ruling class and the class that represents the common people.

The theatre is formed, which accommodates approximately six thousand spectators, three layers, separating each layer and other convergence threshold height of two meters. Also, in each layer a number of entrances and cellars were lead out of the runway, and this just makes it bigger than the southern Theatre in Jerash governorate, which expands to between four and five thousand spectators.

Facebook platform that espresso machine with artists and actors that resides somewhere in the middle of the Theater audience can spectators through the old Roman audio system sound heard him clearly in all Theatre auditoriums.

And behind the stage we find also offers still was used by artists to change their clothes and preparing to appear before the public. Was original at some stage building three floors.

Besides this teacher a rare heritage, located in front of the external courtyard are usually full of visitors (square form). Each area of the runway and the arena around 7600 square meters.

Roman Theater receives daily dozens of visitors and tourists and foreigners wishing to learn about one of the largest theaters in Jordan, which dates back to the Roman era.

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