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Long Lake – Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey

A lake of excellent nature

Uzungöl A Place to see in  Turkey

Uzungöl in Turkey are among the places to visit, it is a tourist lake. There is really a very perfect view.

Uzungol is a village, plateau and entertainment place. Tourist lodgings, trout restaurants, small resort-type hotels and natural scenery are places of lesser beauty and sightseeing.

Uzungol is suitable for natural landscape viewing, walking, climbing and botanical (botanical examinations) tourism. In Uzungol, a clean, clear watery stream flowing through a valley flows into a narrow and long small lake and flows out of it, and joins to Solaklı (river) to reach the sea from the town of Of. It is clean and clear watery creek and the lake is surrounded by larch and other Black Sea mountain forests. The area where Uzungol is located is cloudy. The sky is the blueness, the sun, the white cloud, the lush forest and the clear water make the man’s appetite. That’s why the trout that is eaten in Uzungöl is more delicious.

About Uzungol -Long Lake

As for the Black Sea, the first place that comes to mind after the Ayder highland is obviously Uzungöl. This place, which is connected to the Çaykara district of Trabzon, admits itself to nature with its beauty.

Place too see in Turkey Trabzon Long Lake - Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey

Accommodation in Uzungol – Long Lake

Uzungöl Tourism has increased its development works considerably because it is experiencing explosion and because it has gone up and gone. You can find a place to sleep and stay as long as you like.

Hotel and hostel prices are more expensive in summer and winter rates can go up to 4-5 floors.

Place too see in Turkey Trabzon Long Lake - Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey

The dominant tree species is the East spruce. Beech, fir, badger, alder, beech, hornbeam, hazelnut, rapier, mountain elm, maple, alder, walnut and chestnut tree species. There are many plant species such as white-flowered forest roses, mountain ponds, goat-shouldered, Uzungol primrose.




 Long Lake - Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey

What is done in Uzungöl – Long Lake ?

If you are planning a holiday, Uzungöl is a place for your spouse or family. Wake up in the morning with the unique beauty of the Black Sea and join the everyday environment tour.



Place too see in Turkey Trabzon Long Lake - Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey

Uzungöl Where and How to Go?

Uzungöl ( Long Lake ) is connected to the Çaykara district of Trabzon province. The city distance is about 99 km, while the distance to Çaykara District Center is 19 km. Those who will come by car from Tbaszon can reach to the district of Of before and from the west of the Solaklı Stream by following signs of Uzungol.

Place too see in Turkey  Long Lake - Uzun Göl In Trabzon Turkey


If you arrive by bus or plane, Metro Tourism and Ulusoy can reach to the city directly from the city center to Uzungöl. There are also lines of local companies operating between Trabzon and Uzungöl for those who will come and go for the day.




Rent a bicycle and tour around the lake.

You can take a nature walk to the Karester Plateau or the forests.
You can take pictures from the top of the lake.
For cognition and organic Black Sea breakfast you can choose lake side breakfast houses.
From Uzungöl to the Karester Plateau, you can camp on steep slopes or in unused wooden houses. The Karester Plateau is also a great place for camping and nature sports.

Uzungöl’s Local Tastes

Uzungöl regional cuisine has trout among its delicacies. In addition to this, specialties such as dressing, cabbage soup, meat soap, corn bread and a local rice pudding are among the extraordinary flavors.



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  1. We’ve visited Uzungol five years ago and it used to be simple, quiet and peaceful lake village.
    We’ve visited it again in August 2017. The place is completely changed, it was big disappointment for all of us. Very crowded everywhere, many buildings established which ruin the nature views I guess.

  2. Very beautiful place. We really enjoyed ourselves there. We were surrounded with snowy mountains but it was not that cold. We walked on the snow and the kids were playing with the snow and made a snowman. We spent 3 hours there without feeling bored for a sec. A must visited place. Hiking wasn’t an option as we were with kids but it sounds a very sound idea. Maybe for next time.

  3. Uzungol is an area at an elevation of 1100 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful and has lovely lake that is surrounded by shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and well architected mosque. It has a very nice climate during summer with temperatures in the 20’s or less. From Uzungol, one can reach other areas such as Sultan Murat plateau and Rize.

  4. We took the long drive here following recommendations to visit this natural beauty spot. We arrived and spent about ten minutes here before driving back:it was massively overcrowded; there was a huge amount of traffic; accommodation in the area was heavily overpriced; the beauty of the lake was ruined by crowds of people and too much traffic. Perhaps it is better here when it isn’t peak season. However, if you want a peaceful day in nature do not go in peak season at least.

  5. Located 110 km from Trabzon north east turkey going east towards Georgia exit to Uzungol comes around 60 km from Trabzon . The road is good but the last 40 km is single road with twists and turn between mountains. The scenery along road is beautiful but you have to drive carefully or take the touri if not familiar with driving in these terrains . I wouldn’t advise to stay overnight but a half day trip is worth it. It was raining on arrival with cold breeze but soon sun came and it became warm and humid. Rain jacket can be taken as a precaution You may go for the self peddling boat or just a walk

  6. This was not our favorite, except the fish dinner and the great hotel… the town is overgrown with tourists. It is largely a dry town with only one place serving beer or wine…. but we woke up to a splendid white snow morning during our Spring trip. It was fabulous!

  7. I always seen pics but truly it doesn’t do justice to the beauty of this place.
    Booked through tour company , drive there is awesome. Really stunning lake. Lovely restaurant around. Must try muhlama and buy some lovely tea aswell. Plenty of activity for those with kids aswell. Lovely place to relax. Sell awesome waffles aswell

  8. This place is absolutely amazing. The area is kept clean and well preserved. Make sure you take a camera to capture this beautiful view . The photo is from lower down the mountain but you can easily drive or walk up to higher points and get different spectacular views .

  9. Beautiful! I went on December 2017 when it was covered with snow. The scene was so beautiful. So many slips and falls due to the snow but it was an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend it.

  10. I went there in Augest2016 the weather was so beautiful , kinda cold but not cold to the bone also rainy but so beautiful and the view in that area is just amazing, theres lots of cafes , restaurants , and shops and some place for children to play , the nature there and the mountains are unbelievable , me & my cousins had a fun Bike ride , theres also lots of activities for family’s and children

  11. Connected with Trabzon by road, it is approximately 70Kms from the city. Trabzon is easily accessible by plane. There are a number of tourist tours that take place from Trabzon and costs you around 50TL which is cheap looking for the round trip transfer and a moderately guided tour.

    Hill station:
    It has a stunning route until the top. A total green stretch which you’ll hardly find in turkey. It is a hidden gem. The town looks perfect and you are amazed by the beauty. Surrounded by hills on all sides, resides a calm lake at the center. There are good restaurants surrounding the lake. You feel fresh with the cool breeze, no unwanted noise and pollution free. Even number of tourists are less. You have a place to explore by self.
    If you are looking for a hidden gem and a calm place, this is a must visit.

    It is good to travel in all the weather due to its geographic formation, it is always good out there

  12. What a great place and a nice drive. But unfortunately it was ruined by arab tourists where every place was catered to their life style. Being an Arab myself I was hoping to find Turkish rural traditions but it was all catered to rich gulf Arabs and prices were high overall. Traffic was also annoying. Make sure you do paragliding when you are here.its way cheaper than other places in Europe with the same natural beauty.

  13. I have visited so many countries and attraction from Far east to ME and Europe, this place is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited in my whole life amazing lake view from top. I went there in August and the weather was perfect it rains most of the time. make sure to take light jacket it is bit cold there, in the way you will see many other beautiful places as waterfall. around the lake many activities you can do, best might be walking around and shopping as well, though it is tourist area but prices still acceptable slightly higher than Trabzon, there are many nice restaurants. it is highly recommend

  14. It is really a beautiful amazing place but not ideal for summer season as it is hot in day light and there is no air conditioning in any hotel or facility there but it is really piece of heaven

  15. Uzungol village is famous for its beautiful lake, situated to the south of the city of Trabzon, Turkey.

    Over the years, the picturesque lake, its village and the surrounding valley have become a popular tourist attraction.

    The area is most famous for its natural environment. With the rise in tourism, we now see many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops in Uzungol. The food that we had in a local restaurant was so tasty and fine, we loved every single dish.

    Ideally, tourists should spend at least a night in this magnificent area to explore it in a better way.

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