Leaning Tower of Pisa

He built the Tower of Pisa. for placed the Pisa Cathedral Bell upon it. The site was chosen so that it overlooks the square of miracles, In the State of toxana in Italy, following the Roman style for building, and inclined five degrees from the vertical axis, the Inclination was not a Scheme when the engineer overseeing the construction, it was supposed to resemble the rest of the church’s towers.

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Having suffered in the second world war to the threat of destruction at the hands of u.s. forces, then destroyed most of the towers of Pisa, but was saved at the last-minute withdrawal resolution, and today is one of the seven wonders of the world, and the most important tourist destinations for visitors to Italy.

Build a tower of Pisa

Was selected to build the Tower of Pisa from high-quality white marble stones, began on the ninth of August in the year 1173 a.d., built during a period of time 199 years, which stopped the construction several times, So was divided into three stages, the first stage is since starting Building and finishing up the third floor in the year  1178 a.d., Stop About construction after Discovery Inclination, construction remained in this case for about 100 years, construction was resumed 1272 a.d., where four additional floors were built but with a slight tendency to modify Bugs, then construction stopped again in 1371 years, to resume again to build another floor, and install the Bell finally.

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