The Ancient Greek City of Olympia


the Returns the formal establishment of the games in 776 BC. when one game included a race run over a distance of 192.27 alaili koroibos won meters. Before this date the games are local competitions stop over and the timing are modified constantly without having an impact on the level of Greece, but the official start will make timing games method of Greek history.

Even so, the written heritage about Greek games will make the year 884 BC history officially to form the games in the city of Olympia in the form taken by later for 10 centuries. The reason for this is due to the fierce wars were ravaging the Kingdom of small where Elijah Olympia without her King Iphitos stopped. Iphitos was guided by the advice of the finally famous Oracle of Pythia at Delphi which will advise him that why is the wrath of the gods and to establish the Olympic Games to please her. So, Olympia became neutral in Greek interior conflicts prohibits any army entered during the games, and at the same time turned into holy ground recognized by all Greek cities. Thus was formed Special Olympics Foundation developed its own laws and regulations.

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Olympia city Temple followed Elijah populated by priests and religious officials charged with guarding religious sites and its treasures, including 3000 including the famous statue of Zeus statue made of gold and ivory carved by the sculptor Phidias is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

To secure the Olympics, the Greeks ‘ Olympic village ‘ real collected in its shores and religious rituals and trade shows and sports competitions. Great gym and included the exercise yard and a huge building and Government building dedicated to housing the players and visitors and most of the Board of Directors consists of a limited number of responsible works in the city, in addition to the stadium where athletes compete in three types of races and seats to 45 thousand spectators.

Olympic Games are attributed to several Greek gods and heroes and based on a set of myths, including especially those that tell the story of Hercules who after metamorphosis of the riverbed Alfie organized race with four siblings which hold winner wreath of olive leaves.

Participation in the games available to all Greek citizens without slaves and foreigners ‘ Barbarians ‘. Athletes spend autumn and winter in training before the official opening of the games in the spring, which restricted his first day in sacrificial offering in the Temple of Zeus and burn incense on the altar before review sports teams in cities a solemn ceremonial atmosphere.

The second day includes events dedicated to children and adolescents who compete in running and wrestling and boxing. On the third day start adult competitions marathons on multiple stages, wrestling, boxing and fighting games. The fourth day testifying trolley race four horses or two or two mules, then race riding competitions Quintet (running, jumping, wrestling, Javelin throwing disc) and fighting with weapons.

Closing ceremonies accompanied by a great feast in honor of musicians, athletes and their families and friends. Then leave all heroes to his city on the back of a cart pulled by four white horses receiving as a national hero and receives a salary exempt from taxes as it is held in a public square in the city.

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