Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra is one of the finest palaces in the history of Islamic architecture, and the greatest and coolest effects remaining Andalusian, it is a masterpiece of remaining Islamic monuments in Andalusia.

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Alhambra part of archaeological monuments of Granada located on a distance 267 miles south of Madrid.

Alhambra consists of several towers and gates, halls and pavilions. Of the most important main towers: captive Tower, the Tower kamarish Tower, and princesses. Either doors, most notably: door of Sharia which Its height 15 meters, But the most important in the Alhambra’s is lions wing, which contains the famous ‘ black square ‘, is a large square pond centered on 12 Lions. In the old water was coming out of the mouth of every lion depending on switch hours day and night, while the Europeans tried to know the mechanism of action, they ruin it, and nobody could fix it until today.

After ‘ Black wing ‘ there is the Royal Hall is a true artistic creation consists of decoration and color combination, and the Islamic ornaments that fill the dome of the Royal Hall, where red blends with the Green and gold and blue, and when the Sun from floor openings studied geometrically, shaped plate Colored shadows that impresses the beholder and fascinate.

It was named after the Alhambra by that name because of its red color piecework, and perhaps the type of material that make up the color type of soils which give red when blended with water, due to the presence of metal in it gives it this color steadfast until today.

And On a distance a thousand yards of it, find corporal paradise Palace surrounded by gardens ideally organized colored trees. and flowers, there are vast fields stretch as cultivated cereals, those pills which were the primary source of feed all from the plateau.

The French bombarded the Alhambra in past wars and destroyed part of it, but the rest of it is enough to revive the past every moment with each new visitor. Palace of consolidation operations down to protect it and prevent any erosion of the rules seemed permanent and continuous multiplies annually.

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