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Ancient Greek temple, the Acropolis is located on top of a hill in Athens. Religious and military Centre was in ancient Greece, Where the Greeks usually fortification a mountain called the Acropolis within or near the city for the purpose of defense. The term «Acropolis» Grecian term composed of two lacrosse and aboveground, meaning «Polis» means a city or just a city. It is one of the highlights, which should comprise any mini-state or city in Greek classic era from (eighth to fifth century BC).

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The Acropolis was also the political and spiritual center of the city, with its Government installations and temples, altars, and they contained the State Treasury.

Acropolis Temple crest height up to 156 meters above sea level, 92 meters above the city of Athens, is the real physical Fort accessible only from the ground sloping West, other aspects it dangled a steep falling. Thanks to the location and strategic importance was the first housing llakrobolis Kings of Attica and guards, and contains many statues and the sacred stones, surrounded with high walls. is a Greek temple first archaeological and contains many Kings edifices destroyed mostly by the Persians in 479 BC. Undertook Parthenon re built in 447 BC.

Acropolis Temple was also a great mosque, surrounded by minarets in the reign of the Ottoman Empire, where he managed the Turks planted in 1394 and inform on the minarets of the Parthenon Temple was turned into a mosque. In 1686 the Turks destroyed the Temple of Athens to build a defensive cover to protect them from enemies who sent them a shell blew up the Parthenon and turned it into a gunpowder store, as was the Acropolis in the age of the Crusaders as the seat of the Archbishop of Athens.

Greek revolution began in 1821, and after a struggle for almost a year, took possession of audisis androtsos on the Acropolis, and in 1833 the temple occurred under Greek control and even today the highest Greek professional archaeological site.

It is known that the Temple of the Acropolis was mostly a place of residence or Palace of the King, as he was using a military fort, and was one of the most important temples, it has grave of Greek gods.

Acropolis temple site of ideological significance, is built on a rock, known as «the rock Scriptures» Athens, the Acropolis was radiating strength and protection to its citizens, the Acropolis temples has become of the most famous architectural monuments in the ancient and contemporary history.

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