Samarkand in Uzbekistan


Samarkand, meaning “the Earth Castle.” Samarkand city in Uzbekistan. and a population 400 thousand inhabitants and is the second largest city in Uzbekistan. Most people in Samarkand are from Tajiks. and they are speaking the Tajik language.

in Samarkand find Islamic features in all places, despite what he did the Russians during their occupation of demilitarization Islamic identity but did not succeed.


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A journey in the history of the capital of Tamerlan.

Can’t you speak About Samarkand, forgetting what he did Tamerlan in which as was glory with him. Lost collect the most skillful architects and sculptors and painters and calligraphers and mathematicians to expand Samarkand and returned to its place.

Those competencies were able to reflect on their core four civilizations construction. which led to a Renaissance in Asia minor Not like none other, Tamerlan was built a great wall around Samarkand.  in Length of seven kilometers.  and has six gates and built a castle West of the city and digging around deep-water channels inside the castle was the Palace blue “Cook Sarai”, which was the headquarters of Tamerlane and financial center with State departments of weapons stores and factories. And they set up a series of gardens. land of colored stones, plated with ebony and ivory, and walls decorated with porcelain of Kashan, built by the engineers from Damascus and Decoration from Iraq. In an effort to emphasize his capital on any city in the world, Build Tamerlane group of villages called the names of the most important cities Like Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus and elsewhere, have not left a mark. and all come from as pilgrims who passed through him.

Mystery the color blue.

Historians recall that blue is my favorite color of Tamerlane and became known as the color of Islam. It might make the city of Samarkand is covered with blue porcelain tiles in all its ramifications. with overlaps white and a little green. Tamerlan also ordered construction of the first market. where sold all goods and is the opposite of what a favor at those times of the middle ages.

Each market has been dedicated to the sale of one commodity, this market was completed in 20 days. in the Simple cost. No more than cut a four head of engineers to quickly accomplish!


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