The Potala Palace in Tibet

The Potala Palace in Tibet China

Today’s journey to the city of Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, specifically the Palace which is open page tells the history of Tibet and history of Buddhism: the Potala Palace “Potala Palace, is a Palace special sanctity to Buddhists, as an old palace was the highest in the world; 3767 meters above sea level rises.

 The Potala Palace in Tibet

 The Potala Palace in Tibet  The Potala Palace in Tibet

The word ‘ island ‘ means the Potala ship in Sanskrit and referred her to an island inhabited by God’s mercy in their beliefs and her name translates to ‘ botolo ‘ or ‘ Bhutto ‘ also. So, he knows the Potala Palace normally ‘ mount botolo II ‘.

He started building the Potala Palace in the King songhtsan gumbo, thirty-second generation of Topo (17th century). It is said that the Palace was built on the occasion of the marriage of Princess Wen Cheng gumbo songhtsan that came from the Kingdom of the Tang dynasty (618-904 m), was called ‘ Red Mountain ‘ Palace at that time.

The Potala Palace is located on the world famous ‘ Red Mountain ‘ in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, so it was often called “Red Mountain Palace, inside colors tend to color red, white and yellow. And falls under the list of important national historical monuments of the People’s Republic of China.

The Palace was built according to the terrain of the mountain, and constructed buildings stacked on top of each other from hard granite stones, decorated surfaces color gold vials and big media and gilt Buddhist monument. The Palace features three color manipulation: red, white and yellow in appearance, draws in its architecture the picturesque Tibetan. The Palace is a wonderful example of ancient Tibetan buildings, as it’s precious masterpiece within national buildings of the Chinese nation’s treasures.

The Palace is composed mainly of the White Palace and the Red Palace. White Palace was the residence of the Dalai Lama in winter and the seat of the local Tibetan government bodies. The Red Palace meeting Lake the bodies of various generations of Dalai Lama and Buddha statues.

The Palace was a winter home of the Dalai Lama at various ages and CLD omnibus between Government and religion of the rulers of Tibet. Since the reign of the Fifth Dalai Lama’s religious and political ceremonies are important in this Palace. Which Lake the bodies of the Dalai Lama from different generations.

This left the Palace as a beta for the Emperor and his wife long to be burned twice; the first time by severe lightning hit, numerous wars second were scattered in Tibet, has been redeveloped in the later years of heat, when the Governor of Tibet the year 1645 stretch And redone, and it entered the Centre of the Tibetan Government, and at the same time a place of residence of the Dalai Lama, the religious leader of Buddhists, in winter only until the year 1959, since that date turned the Palace into a Museum of historical relics and was opened to the public, and is now one of the most attractive tourist sites In China.

And fills the walls of many beautiful patterns Potala Palace represent anecdotes and Buddhist teachings, and tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts that represent great value to Buddhists, as it contains more than 10 thousand Buddhist statue, all this is religious and cultural value to minors.

In 1961 he became Potala Palace in important State-protected relics since 1985 China’s State Council has allocated a huge amount of thoroughly renovated, this funding is the largest Fund to protect ancient buildings since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


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