Mosque of Kalyan

Kalyan means foot great, he is an Islamic complex near Kalyan. Located near the lighthouse Kalyan in South Castle Bukhara in Uzbekistan.

The city of Bukhara as a Centre for cultural studies and science of religion, this city contains a collection of antique mosques dating back to Islamic history. in First time the mosque built 1127. and was destroyed from Genghis Khan. and was built several times.  And the most successful built by Sultan Abu moizuddin invader Obeidallah in 1514 in the beginnings of the alshibaneyen rule in the 16th century.

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the Building Rising above the 288-mosque dome. Based on 208 columns, mediates the mosque courtyard surrounded by four main residence halls. and ornate dome topped by a large blue and forms the entrance to the Hall The main mosque. Minaret is one of the most important features. lighthouse of Kalyan the great base mean, where they were used not to lift the ears of the five daily prayers, but they express the power and greatness of spiritual power that was distinguished by the city at that time.

Almazina is located on the road in the heart of old Bukhara markets, it is a cylindrical tower rising 45 meters. high tower rises 9 meters base and top 6 meters at the top, you can climb up to the roof by ladder composed of 104 degrees leading to the top of a passage found in the mosque · the Minaret is part of the complex of  is a mosque Kalyan himself, and the Mir Arab school (or Prince) and had constructed this minaret in 1127 m by architect Bako· Kalyan mosque, built in the 16th century a.d. in the beginnings of the alshibaneyen rule, and since the Soviet era.

It is equivalent to the mosque Bibi khanum in Samarkand. and both It expands 12 thousand worshipers. but with a different design

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