Gardens of the Mongols

The Mughal Gardens are a group of magnificent gardens scattered in many areas ruled by the Mongols, in every region they ruled they created a wonderful collection of gardens featuring architectural design and a wonderful gardener combines Islamic and Indian style،Mughal gardens in Kashmir is one of the coolest and nicest such parks.


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These gardens are located on the vast space in Kashmir and in Pakistan and other parts of India and even Afghanistan.

Brief history of the Mughal gardens

Parks was a key goal of most emperors, He built the largest gardens in Delhi and Agra and Kashmir continue Jahangir journey and expansion in Kashmir and Gardens Garden named Shalimar to become one of the largest and richest parks in the world with abundant and fascinating array of flowers.

And in the reign of Shah Jahan extended the gardens and other gardens around the Taj Mahal was built with an interest in expanding the already existing plants have been planted and distributed in ways inspired by Koranic verses and Numerology astronomical and astrological fantastic geometric shapes.

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