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Barak Khan School Medresah

Tashkent is the current capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was known since the eleventh century a.h. “tashkh net” or “Tash month” meaning stone town, with its ancient city in Central Asia many relics and monuments Islamic.The landmarks most important of these. Barack Khan school. Constructed during the rule of Nawruz Ahmed Khan one Uzbek rulers alshibaneyen early in the second half of the 10th century a.h. “16 m”. And the school Was exposed for negligence after the 18th century a.d. Especially that Tashkent throughout its history has been prone to devastating earthquakes, was hit by an earthquake in 1868 m led to the fall of some parts of the school and subsequent loss of many architectural elements and Decorations consists General layout to shining Khan school from the Middle rectangular square in the Western Qibla Iwan. and it is only the Iowan in this school, and behind this Iwan shrine dome exists. which is out of the build. in part of The Southeast   the school, where another shrine. did not know the person the identity of buried. and is currently used as the headquarters of the Mufti of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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The main entrance leads in this school into a rectangular lobby. covered withed section the first section with a pointed dome and in another Section a small dome mounted on spherical triangles. and this is a transition between square and the circular shape rule for helmet dome. Either the helmet itself is covered from the outside with metal plates supplied from new. There is a passage to the school square. whose looked a bit low on the ground floor of the only school located from the Iwan on the Western side of the square. This resembles the palaces we Iwan in West, North and South facades overlooking the shrine “sioing Khan” is a rectangular dome covered Ewan longitudinal horseshoe-shaped.

The school has one of the most important manuscript libraries in the world and that includes some of the rarest copies of the Quran and Islamic books.

Anecdotes that tell about the library’s copy of the Koran. who was reading him Caliph Othman Ibn affan  when killed and that pages still maintain his blood drops.

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