Al Petra

Petra in the Jordan knows her guests by name (Pink City) relative to the color of the rocks that formed unique centralized, A city like a castle, and was the capital of the State of ANBAT.

Petra, also called goodies, historical city located in southern Jordan 225 kilometers south of Oman to the West of the main road that connects the capital city of Oman. is one of the most important archaeological sites in Jordan and in the world for lack of unmatched in the world. Recently won second place in the contest of the seven wonders of the world.

 Al Petra  Al Petra  Al Petra  Al Petra

Is a complete city carved in the rock pink color (hence the name of Petra in Greek means rock) (offset in Nabataea rkimo).

Built by the Nabataeans in the year 400 BC and made it their capital city. And close to the city’s Jebel Haroun who thinks that housed the tomb of the Prophet Aaron. and Moses struck seven springs with his stick Rock it erupted. Petra 7/7/2007 date was chosen as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Petra was the capital of the State of ANBAT and the most important cities of the Kingdom which lasted between 400 BC and even 106 m, has stretched its borders from Ashkelon coast in Palestine West and desert Levant East. And North of Damascus and even Red Sea South form Petra site average between the civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Levant and Egypt Arabic Peninsula and economic relevance Nabateans State has grabbed the reins of trade between these cultures, populations and areas of trade convoys reach laden with spices And spices from South Island Arabic and silk from Gaza, Damascus and henna from Ashkelon and glass of tyre and Sidon and Pearl of the Persian Gulf.

That passage is a narrow road corridor balsik with high sides so high that barely allow sunlight giving varies dramatically with the next magic suddenly opens a notch on the field of naturally includes the safe is famous for the rock-carved and Petra khasneh.

the siq Enormous rocky crevice side high 80 meters in some locations. of various shapes and colorful rocks and gravel ground and runs towards kilos and 200 m go tourist walk.

There are several interfaces that tempt the visitor during a March in the city, and every teacher of milestones leading to other landmarks that distances. The total volume of the city well worth visiting makes beautifully carved facades dazed and gives an idea of the level of creativity and industry when the Nabataeans who made Petra capital since more than 2000 years ago.

The capital of the Nabataeans was able to establish an elaborate network of caravan routes that were bringing spices and incense and myrrh, gold, silver and precious stones from India and the Arabic Peninsula to trafficking in the West.

As a result of the wealth they acquired, they adorned with palaces, temples and arches. And as you go from the entrance gate of the city seems ample and open Valley.

Petra has many paintings and other images dating back to the 19th century which shows how much attention bestowed on rediscovering Europe at that time.

End of the Nabataean State was by the Romans when they circle and prevented her 105-year water sources and State — Arabic. In the year 636 Petra became live on the remaining population on agriculture but the earthquake 746/748 year and other earthquakes hit emptied it of its people.

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