‪El Jem Amphitheatre

 ‪El Jem Amphitheatre

In Mahdia in Tunisia, and in the coastal city, and that was called in antiquity (tisdros), still stands as one of the greatest Roman ruins. It’s the great Roman Theater famed the El Jem Palace (El Jem Amphitheatre). Which was built over 1800 years, though, it still receives offers and humanitarian arts festivals pacifism.

Listed building dates to the Roman Emperor, ghordian II, he ordered built in the year 238 m to be the scene of great Romania. comparable to that in the capital of the Empire in Rome. Their stylists addressed all engineering errors that occurred in the larger Roman building. So, he listed El Jem Amphitheatre pursuant to consummate technical architecturally, the city’s progress.  was ages scene of great historic events, which got many events that shaped twists in human history.

The area of the Palace, with high Romanesque façade 148 meters in 122 meters, dimensions ring 65 meters in 39 meters, it was Incorporates 35 thousand spectators. It is one of the largest theaters of the world, where in the list of great theaters like the Colosseum Rome from the seven wonders, the botsoli Theatre, theatre of Capua. UNESCO has included it on the list of world heritage sites in 1979.

Under the theater have two corridors connecting to the light slot in the Central, And the two sides of the arena function was raising monsters breaking as lions and tigers and also wrestlers from prisoners of war, who were placed in rooms under the ring; to be firing at festivals and large events involves embracing of people sponsored by the nobility and gamblers who Sitting on runways to watch wrestlers fighting beasts and gladiators were prisoners of war and racing vehicles.

Most of the effects found in the theatre district and the area around the old town, and many are transferred to a Museum is in the El Jem Amphitheatre held a Roman House site.


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