The Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids built since 2700 years ranging from the old state and until the end of the albeltami era, and began building the pyramids in the era of the third dynasty and completed in the sixth dynasty (2686-2325 BC), an ancient pyramid style form only on isolated structure and part of an architectural complex, and confined Basic components during the era of the old Kingdom pyramid Tomb surmounted by a contains terms enclosed within a desert high ground, and next to the temple and the lane leading to a suite called Temple Valley, also found many pyramids property in Egypt, but has been reduced because some had been ransacked Throughout the ages, treasures and turned into piles of debris.


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Built the pyramids at Giza in Egypt by the Pharaohs in Egypt to carry the meaning of eternity, are ancient tombs of ancient Egypt and kingdoms built because of the belief of the Pharaohs in the afterlife, they built temples to the gods, a huge pyramid tombs for themselves full of everything you could ever ask the Governor, And was the first who started the first Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid project before 2550 b.c and is considered the largest chain of Giza, its towers rise to about 147 m above the plateau, stone mass estimates by about 2.3 million pieces, each piece weighing approximately 2500-15000 grams, then son Pharaoh chephren’s son Cheops pyramid II in Geez before About 2520 BC and included his tomb of the Sphinx, which is a monument of limestone with a lion’s body and a Pharaoh’s head, and then built the third pyramid mnkair, which is a smaller size than its predecessors, around the year 2490 BC, a temple is a more complicated structure and shady method.

Back building techniques a controversial topic pyramids during the past several years, especially regarding the methods and quality of construction, one of the hypotheses that the giant carved stones from quarries using copper chisel and then withdrawn  and uploaded them on top of each other to form  a pyramid, as a hypothesis about the kind employed workforce, after several years of construction of the pyramids of ancient Greeks reached to the conclusion that the building had been using forced labour.

Has built in the desert west of the Nile River, where the sun sets right behind her, where they believe King’s spirit when you die you go to heaven when the Sun, when the Sun returns his soul to the cemetery again, to find herself there.

The researchers stressed that the rule was built by stones made of natural stones, while high stones are made of clay, so it’s unreasonable to raise up stone human thousand kilograms. Been pouring a mixture of lime and clay which thermally treated by the fireplace with salt, then steaming water for a clayey mix, pours on the walls of the pyramid.

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