The City of Oudhna

The city of aozenh (oudhna), Utena ancient, A rare collection of picturesque nature park which clothes green Tunisia and control effects on archaeology history throughout the Ben Arous, where Capitol larger Roman temple in Africa and the third largest theatre in Tunisia and inherited from the great baths, water tanks and a locomotive is to invest in Ben Arous.

 The City of Oudhna  The City of Oudhna  The City of Oudhna  The City of Oudhna  The City of Oudhna  The City of Oudhna

Aozenh is located 30 km from the city of Tunisia, the most prominent archaeological sites in the country, and is important in your historic site there, there on the road link between Roman’s krtaag and werbomag and located near examination and pain Kasbah hnshir ‘ title ‘ to the lazy (rades Currently) and another colony disappeared and named kanobis.

Surely it was kortag the Punic relationship with this city and fertile land he found in the nearby area on an inscription bearing the three languages Latin, Greek and webonih. Prominent among the effects in this area we find nine houses have been excavated by the French ‘ ghoklar ‘ and its more luxurious houses months this House known as Lapierre’s family on the left of the entrance to the city and is the House gave us lots of stunning mosaics like a painting that represents life. Aozenh area rural or those that depict us King ‘ alatik ‘ aikarios ‘ and ‘ dibonisos ‘ wine machine on sending him a sprig of grapes or painting representing the gods ‘ Cellini ‘ the breathless beauty of the Shepherd ‘ aidimion ‘ or those depicting the great gods ‘ Jupiter ‘ in connection with the abduction of the gods.

Aozenh contains several important monuments, notably the pie scene and take in to about Seventeen thousand spectators. Construction is due to the beginning of the second century a.d. and have great bathrooms and aozenh Temple.

And noteworthy that budget was allocated a huge. and to highlight North Circular Theater interface and discover a big part of their Hall plaque of a fsivsaa as elk Chief about all Capitol and great bathrooms heated logic and restoration Part of the lower floors and the top of the Capitol and let Kim walls and unresolved passages that were threatened with collapse.

Aozenh was one of the most important cities in the Roman province of Africa and testify to this important area of the site and the wealth and prosperity of many homes.

Aozenh contains the Green Plains, is a pleasure to the eye from mid mount sill through bemrnak down to mount boukornine.

For lovers of history aozenh is available on several parameters through the majestic buildings dating back to the Roman era including Capitol and is the largest ever built in ancient Africa and two sets of large water features as walmwagl baths, traces of houses belonged to some supervision and included hidden underground.

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