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Among all Egyptian Antiquities remains Sphinx mystery, most pharaonic monuments and tombstones was behind religious or belief or social purpose Sphinx didn’t know its goal so far. Until recently it was common belief is that the Sphinx was built by order of the Pharaoh chephren of the fourth dynasty. The only reason for this belief is a simple likeness between the statue’s face and the face. Chephren!

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One of the ancient Papyrus scripts-dating for four thousand years have indicated that the sand covering the Sphinx for centuries even forgot it completely generations. One day, King’s dream of a wise man asks him to dig in a particular place to leave the statue from his grave. The Pharaoh has implemented this request and ordered take out the statue into existence. This was the dream alone (which was considered sacred at the time) enough to interest the statue and topping with a layer of Granite State!

Egyptologists believe that was the Sphinx built simultaneously with the surrounding temples in the fourth dynasty. Today, there is something suspicious in this belief, while the surrounding temples still retain bright graphics suffer Sphinx base of grooves and cracks some depth beyond eight feet. This, if anything, that Sphinx (mystery in his purpose and date) existed prior to the construction of the pyramids and temples of Giza in a long time.

Recent studies have revealed that the statue consists of Noah’s great limestone and corrosion. Either external granite layer added by (4600)-which in the age of the pyramid’s builders. This means that the basis of the statue built in era of ancient civilization unknown preceded the reign of the Pharaohs.

It is known that a lion body sculpture statue and a man’s face. Limestone sculpture has increased hardness whenever we go up to the top. This explains why eat below bust while his face remained intact. But there is another reason may explain why eating the body and longitudinal grooves in the bottom appeared without above, through studies Professor Schütz (Boston University) and John West (specialist in Egyptology) turns out the grooves and cracks caused by lower water erosion caused by heavy rains and torrential. And if we know that Egypt is (currently) the most scarce rain, it means that the statue was in a period in which the rain pouring, this simply means the last ice age. Any at least 10000 years ago.

And while this view appears for the first time (in 1993 through a program on NBC station) confronted with strong opposition by Egyptologists. But today, which is gaining increasing acceptance being the only one who explains anachronisms and geological factors that impacted on the statue. And acceptance means that the Sphinx was built by an unknown civilization that preceded the Pharaonic civilization with four thousand years at least. And something like this might reconsider the human history of civilization and change many prevailing notions about the dates and the level of ancient civilizations.

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