Pyramid of Khufu

Cheops is known as the great pyramid, one of the most important and oldest monuments in the world, and is one of the famous seven wonders of the world, which aroused astonishment and curiosity of archaeologists who sought to search on date, whom he said he built the pyramids by inhabitants of a continent hidden Fort Lauderdale, another group of researchers claimed that The Giants went up from underground and built this great achievement, as they said that witchcraft and wizardry or aliens landed and constructed, has shown that speculation over the mystery surrounding the scientists on research and not to get to the truth of this huge cultural icon builders.

 Pyramid of Khufu

Is the largest of the three pyramids of Cheops built since about (2550 BC) in Giza Egyptian Arabic Republic, this building has stunning engineering work 20 years, where he called the ancients (the great pyramid).

Outweighed by archaeologists while digging and research, that was built during the annual flooding of the Nile, the great by a hundred thousand slaves, and unemployed because of the overflowing river and their exploitation in construction, it has been said that the Pharaoh was offering food and clothing workers they need.

This pyramid-building was adopted on the basis of a fixed mathematical rules, such as calculating the length of each side of the base (755) feet (230.4) m, have been using around (2.3) million block of limestone, as the average weight of the closet to (2.5) a ton, and it is estimated total weight with 6 million tons, and the area of 13 acres.

Pyramid building features three internal rooms for burial, other pyramids were distinguished from building on two deeps, and fit on the high and low pathways when room King Cheops, total length (147), now it has reached its length due to corrosion and environmental factors (139) meters.

It is said that Prince (SAM ham) was an engineer at King Cheops, who sent some of his students to the city  to look for an appropriate name for the pyramid, even reached the name (Cheops) which means (sister of Cheops) any skyline of Cheops, depended on this horizon is the God RA that goes with the Sun and sail with the stars, belief Win it eliminates evil and evil spirits, and was considered the first King himself (RA) on Earth is (King Cheops).

The tourist can enjoy a visit to this historic edifice built with limestone, which over the centuries built, modern technology was not able to discover the secret of this mysterious construction to this day.

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