Luxor is the greatest city in the world where more than a third alone contain traces of the whole world.

Luxor is also the cradle of civilizations, it is a city of history and culture that is rooted in history and a witness to the greatness of the Egyptian human sciences and arts since seven thousand years and which are the University open to human history in its various prehistory until modern times. The city of Luxor in the South at between latitudes 25-36 North-East 32-33.

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It consists of two parts the Eastern mainland city of Luxor and the Western mainland separated by the River Nile and Eastern mainland city was called in ancient times where religious temples and palaces of Kings and common people and the Western mainland was called the city of the dead as funerary temples Funerary.

Luxor is a great historical place city is an Open University for human history since prehistoric and pharaonic era and until the Islamic era through balasralionani, Coptic, Roman.

They were numerous names that launched them since ancient times. They call it (SAM wax) any Southern Sun City to distinguish it from the northern city of the Sun (Shams).

(wasit) the scepter mark monarchy, an expression of how much power it enjoyed the city. (Abt binary) alluding to two city sections containing Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple North South.

(Nu-Amon) and is the name mentioned in the Torah, which means the city of Amon. (Luxor) this designation came after the Muslim conquest of Egypt when bedazzled Arabs Excellency shortcomings and tallness prized monuments, called by that name, is a collection of words (Palace).

The Greek poet Homer was mentioned in Iliad 9 anthem. As he said ‘ there in Egyptian Thebes where shimmering gold piles, one percent good door, where passing in a military gait, 400 men and their vehicles ‘ em mean of each section of the huge doors.

In the late twenty-first century BC, when Princes of Egypt from the unification of the Mediterranean North until the first waterfall southward. And when the Hyksos invasions of Egypt coming from the North. And upper and lower Egypt unite, then moved the headquarters to Nice and remained for over four centuries.

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