The City of Regia Tunisia

 The City of Regia Tunisia

Blarigia is located at the foot of Mount high about Rabia 649 m, on a slope weak admin on a plain abstract, is on the road between antique Carthage and Annaba (hibon) and approval of the modern way of piercing the archaeological site. It is also very close to the port of Tabarka gap through the mountains of leaven, and estuaries of several valleys in the abstract.

It was not surprising that the Roman settlement blarigia was a convenient location rich soil water climate humid prolific knew when old book: (Campi Magni) and give part of his name as lblarigia is mentioned by Augustine as (Bullensis Campus), and had moved the word (Bullensis) (Bulla) when the Romans (Boll) when the Arab geographers, Arab Word (Campus) examined, the label became Arabic: check those as Bakri, remember her name again met bath. This area belongs to the Carthaginians since the thirteenth century. As the region has seen war masinissa led 150-year b.c, she has not spent on the activity of the agricultural area. And thus, confirm importance of refuge King hiarbas (Hiarbas) year 81 b.c following the defeat he would leave office before his opponent Pompey (Pompée) and his ally ymbesal, perhaps the group belongs to (Regia) relative to King Martin.

Blarigia were found in the graves and alglmodih graves or late Punic. illustrating where civilization will continue. But the Romanian audience by taking the confirmed and expanded since the establishment of the province the year 146 BC, especially the triumph of Caesar in tebessa year 46 b.c, from that date, several Roman colonies spread in the region. Blarigia has maintained, however, its independence and its traditions and political organization as free city (Oppidum Liberum).

Blarigia was the first municipality since s 1 m, almost in the reign of the emperor who ruled (Vespasien) from year to year 69 79 m. Then colonized thanks (Hadrien) emperor who ruled from year to year 117 138 m. Thus, my elected Council regulation lblarigia on the city of Rome. This became a great planner Center cross polarized population displaced to provide institutions and facilities. This is confirmed by the effects that the apparent returns today to the period from 1 to 6 pm. While dating aroused great public establishments to between 2 and 5 pm, a thriving Roman period. At that time some members of big families who contribute to the administration of the Empire and to enter something like we have today of the House or the Senate, but that blarigia African city made of Rome, the largest number of Senators and representatives. Illustrating their prosperity and vitality despite the modest population. It is no more than a few thousand people.

If all the statues of gods or Roman emperors had quoted with beautiful mosaics Bardo Museum, the new disclosures put off other panels represent daily life, economic and religious in an old town with some ornate coffins. Undoubtedly the most important architectural monuments on the privacy function in this area are those houses Decker, one bottom underground helps to cope with uneven heat in summer and winter, and one of the finest houses with ground floor house hunting and fishing scenes to House paintings The ornamental mosaic for I and II, and feature multiple chambers, wonderful facilities: fit on special church where many residents worshipped, and their own bathrooms. Perhaps these homes were particularly wealthy hunters residential or involved in organized associations of blarigia festivals. the displayed group Bardo Museum the effects of blarigia and is dating back to the end of the second century and beginning of the third century, they carved statues in blarigia and elsewhere and then Brought into the city’s temples, a sign of the spread of alromnh, the cult of wedimitir first degree Apollon

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